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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  July 14, 2018 6:30pm-7:00pm BST

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in the river mersey. it was famed for the public‘s decision to name it boaty mcboatface, but the vessel now bears afar more celebrated name. building the 129—metre rrs sir david attenborough has taken 1 million individual pieces of steel and a50 km of wire. and while she's not the biggest vessel to be built here on the mersey, this ship is unique. as well as onboard laboratories for the 60 scientists who will work aboard, the ship has giant, hugely insulated freezers to contain and keep safe frozen sa m ples from the planet's polar regions. the sir david attenborough is the most technologically advanced research vessel ever built in this country, and because of her size they've had to wait for the highest tide to get her into the river mersey, but she's destined for much more extreme environments. this is how the ship will look when the real exploration begins, and the captain himself has had a hand in preparing his vessel for some genuinely uncharted territory. one of the things i was very keen on putting on the vessel
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was a forward facing sonar, so that gives us an image, a kilometre ahead of the vessel, 3—d representation of the sea bed. so it means we'll be able to go into these places knowing absolutely what is there. now ready for its first trip into the water, the ship will spend 25 years as a base for polar discoveries that are yet be made. now it's time for a look at the weather with sarah keith lucas good afternoon. another warm, dry afternoon for much of the country. lots of blue sky and sunshine around. work out for the northwest and as we head into the evening hours that crowd will produce a few splash of rain across parts of northern ireland into the west of scotla nd northern ireland into the west of scotland two. clearer and drierfor eastern scotland and england and wales, but we will stay dry overnight, perhaps the patch of mist in low cloud around the western
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coast but temperatures holding up in the mid teens. when a feel to the weather to starter sunday. sunday england and wales dry and sunny once again, scotland and northern ireland again, scotland and northern ireland a bit cloudier and that will produce a bit cloudier and that will produce a few outbreaks of rain for parts of northern ireland, the west of scotland, eastern scotland i think stays dry for part of the art of the day but in the sunshine and heat further south we are likely to see highs reaching 29 or 30 degrees, potentially looking at the hottest men's final at wimbledon in more than 20 years. things will turn slowly fresher through next week. still from sunshine and the chance of seeing some useful rain. hello this is bbc news. the headlines: president trump's plays a round of golf at turnberry during his ‘private visit‘ to scotland on the final leg of his uk tour. thousands take part in protests on the streets of edinburgh in a second day of rallies against donald trump's uk visit. the only people in scotland and
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across the uk every scene in a couple of days it takes strong objection to some of the policies of the trump administration. the boys rescued from a cave in thailand will be allowed to leave hospital later this week. police in wilshire recover more than 400 items and samples in connection with the poisoning of dawn sturgess and charlie rowley, who were exposed to the nerve agent novichok. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. live in moscow here is the sport ‘s dave. here is what is coming up on the programme. it is finally home
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tie for england they sign up from russia with another defeats to the belgians. i'm john watson live at wimbledon where kerber shocks serena williams to win her first wimbledon title. novak djokovic book—sellers place in a fifth wimbledon final after upsetting rafael nadal over five gruelling sets. i'm at the bbc sports centre with the rest of the day's news including jo root back on formatting would try to level the one—day series with india. england said they wanted to leave russia in style but they are heading home in defeat after another lost to
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belgium. remember they lost to the belgians as the final match in the group stages. but game meant very little and this one didn't either. third—place play—off but it is belgium who will be leaving russia with those bronze medals around their neck. third is the best for their neck. third is the best for the belgians at a world cup. but harry kane said afterwards we will learn from this, we will improve. we will be with our heads held high. they lost to nil. we will be a bourbon saint petersburg in just a moment but here is adam was the story of the match. and so for england the final stop on their world cup journey. not england the final stop on their world cupjourney. not the destination where they wanted us all to end, not the game in which anyone really wa nts to end, not the game in which anyone really wants to play. yet pride, passion still comes plenty. while thatis passion still comes plenty. while that is true for england so true is it for belgium. inside four minutes ago, a lead. this clearly still matters. 0ne
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ago, a lead. this clearly still matters. one player was suspended for the semifinal and this a belated offering of amends. england's best chance fell to harry kane. england captain unable to make a final goal scoring contribution. still, this is a young england team his exploits continue to inspire. at one nil to remain. eric dyer the one forward, brilliant opportunity, so close when it mattered most, agonisingly for england, the tale of the tournament. that the breathtaking brilliance of jordan pickfords denying second. but even he had no answer when faced with belgian‘s second. securing a third place at this world cup. bronze for the golden generation. for england, journey ‘s end. not the ending they wanted but as throughout this world cup, the pride, the passion remains. adam wilde, bbc news. let's cross live now to saint
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petersburg in speech were sports correspondent. good evening. they gaveit correspondent. good evening. they gave it a go, england, didn't they? some there in the tower but others a bit like the semifinal against croatia classed as told in the end there for the belgians. it really did, lee. and if you google of england's major tests at this competition against top opposition. belgium twice 0k, competition against top opposition. belgium twice ok, the first time that they've in many changes to the starting line—up and to belgium's two but also croatia in the semifinals. they were tests that we re semifinals. they were tests that were not passed by england and they will need to find a different gear. many of big gareth southgate needs to improve his in game management. belgium ranked far higher than england and that different showing on the pitch. they've got star names and those star names lived up to their billing today whereas england's did not perform. but england's did not perform. but england at the end of this journey
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can look forward with the sense that this might be the start of something special for what was the third youngest england squad to go to the world cup. lots of young talent emerge in england to suggest the future may be bright and it now seems that they are now enjoying playing for the national team again, they rebuild bridges with their long—suffering supporters. so all is not lost. as it would improve it is those key areas of creativity. the likes of your moderates, today that's the kind of player they need to unearth or get the players they've got now to develop into that world —class they've got now to develop into that world—class creative player in the middle. they do indeed. if you look at england's youth groups, obviously they won at world level when it comes to the under 17 is players making their way through. a number
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of boys including santo who were playing abroad now. these are all players with real creativity and promised they could do something on the world stage if they get the minutes for their clubs goal—scoring was also a real problem for england here. i think below iran, above around they were the second lowest goals per minute team an entire world cup so that will need to be addressed as well. there are disappointments for england. there will be regrets. how close they came to making it through to the final. perhaps of harry kane's attempt had been scored and england had gone to nilup we been scored and england had gone to nil up we would be looking forward to england being in the final but that shows the small margins that there is a young squad needs to improve comes to the most important moments of all. let's hear from the
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england manager who is very honest in his appraisal of where england are sitting in the world game at the moment. probably a step too far for us. i reflect that the players have given absolutely everything right the way through. i am absolutely everything right the way through. iam incredibly absolutely everything right the way through. i am incredibly proud of what they have done. i think we've gone beyond what we thought was probably possible and we also know where we sit. you know, we are a little bit of the top teams in the world and we've never hidden from that. more from the others would later as we look ahead to the final between croatia and france. his finals weekend at the all england club. john watson is there and a bit of an upset enough ladies final. yes, absolutely. many thanks indeed. ladies final day today where kerber has sprung a surprise. shopping serena williams in straight sets win into day's final. it ends what has been a superb tournament for serena
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williams. just the fourth after the birth of herfirst williams. just the fourth after the birth of her first child ten months ago. kerber lifted herfirst title. this is perhaps serena's greatest march. 36 roy williams had a baby last year. she said she could barely walk to her letterbox, now she's back on the centre. the instinct has never escaped but she would need all those flashes to topple kerber. the german new defence was key to a first wimbledon title, stay in the rallies and wait for the openings. everything williams does at the moment and won has the answer. that persistence was forcing the errors. williams have lost sight about finished the poisoned with the americans toiling kerber clinch the first set. and there it is. we'll is what do it the hard way
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kerber strikes first. to increase the urgency williams increased the volume. but in the face of that power, kerber kept her composure, had two grand slam wins came two yea rs had two grand slam wins came two years ago, now she's found her best again. 0nce again. once again superb from kerber. this year's has seen other star names fall early. currently to monmouth is contrary to reach round. she sees the moment, becoming a champion. not the photo they expected get this far so soon as a victory in itself for kerber this is was a win but on her own kind of resilience. it was such an amazing tournament for me. i was really happy to get this far it's obviously
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disappointing but it can't be disappointed. i have so much to look forward to. i am literallyjust getting started so i look forward to it. serena, you are a great, great champion and you're coming back and you're such an inspiration to everybody, for all of us, for everyone watching you. i mean, really. you are amazing and start like it's amazing and i am sure you will have your next grand slam titles soon. i'm really really sure. the main focus should have fallen on the final today but then there was the final today but then there was the small matter of wrapping up the second men's semifinal. novak djokovic booking is place to back
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place in the final. it means that novak djokovic goes on to face kevin anderson in tomorrow's men's final. this was the semifinal for everyone was kept waiting. novak djokovic led 2-1. was kept waiting. novak djokovic led 2—i. 0ne was kept waiting. novak djokovic led 2—i. one of these players wanted to keep yesterday's conditions exactly as it were an one didn't. so that rev on centre court was going nowhere. 29 titles between them, they were finally resuming their on they were finally resuming their on the grand slam stage. world number one rafael over style dominated. for djokovic, missed opportunities to the point of frustration. at that point managed to turn it around for the serbian. he was going the distance and fought back in this dramatic five set decider. the pair
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have met more times than any other two men in the open era. this time, it was no doubt that was punished. 12 time grand slam champion djokovic reached his first title since the 2016 open. well worth the wait. novak djokovic showing signs of returning to the form that took him to three wimbledon titles. in light of the surgery he had on his elbow where the iran in the year. there was su ccess where the iran in the year. there was success in the men's wheelchair doubles. avi hewitt and gordon reid coming through in theirfinal against a german pair. 61, 64. it is their third successive title. great success here in the two previous yea rs success here in the two previous years leading up to the spine. 0nce
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again they get their hands on that trophy. success to tell you about the latter stages of singles but gordon reid and alfie hewitt doubt winning another title in the men's wheelchair doubles. that about wraps things up. on day 12 of these wimbledon championships. i will hand you back to lizzie greenwood hughes in salford for the rest of the day ‘s sport. lizzie. thank you, john. england's bidders are on the brink of levelling the one—day series with india. 0ne nil down before today's much. they have india on the ropes. they're trailing by 96 runs with less tha n they're trailing by 96 runs with less than three overs to go. jo route scored an unbeaten century. india's usually rock—solid batting line—up crumbled earlier on. serena match in england's weber it
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looks like tuesday's final will be the decider. it is still the same man wearing the leader's yellow jersey at the tour de france after stage eight. an overall advantage of seven seconds ahead of wales's athlete. another sprint finish today but mark cavendish is struggling for form and ended up in seventh place. he still hasn't won a stage this year. this page was run by the a dodge sprinter. his second in a row. the defending champion chris broome finished in the main bunch and his 12th overall. there is one football story for you away from the world cup. chelsea have confirmed their new manager. the former nappy boss replaces antonio conte on a three—year deal and says he hopes to provide some entertaining football for the bands they will be competing for the bands they will be competing for trophies at the end of the
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season. the two—time 0lympic medallist led at the start of the five k but could not hold of their wgs leader who claimed gold for the third successive year. tom bishop finished the next best briton in 17th place. the women's race is going on right now. let's go straight to moscow we re now. let's go straight to moscow were 0llie foster is on world cup duty england are off—duty wouldn't include be saying farewell to them it has been a fantastic achievement but they are just come up short in belgium. the loss of third—place
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play—off to nil. belgium leaving with a third—place finish. they're best at a world cup. look forward to the final match, the final hearing moscow croatia against france. when the comeback at 7:30pm are a sports day then we will hear from the croatia camps and the french camps as well who have been training this evening. the couple of miles south from us here just evening. the couple of miles south from us herejust on evening. the couple of miles south from us here just on the other side the kremlin. coming up next on bbc news it is the tea—time news but from mean hearing moscow and bbc sport centre was lizzie and also at wimbledon we will see that have passed seven but for now it is goodbye. good evening. thousands of people in scotland have been protesting against the visit of president donald trump, who's spending two days playing golf at his resort in ayrshire. the international development secretary liam fox has described
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those who‘ve turned out against him as an ‘embarrassment to themselves.‘ however scotland‘s first minister nicola sturgeon publicly criticised the president‘s policies on climate change, minorities and ‘the treatment of women.‘ from mr trump‘s turnberry resort, 0ur scotland correspondent lorna gordon reports. this has been described as a private visit to scotland but president trump is not publicity shy. making his way round the turnberry fairways, acknowledging the waiting media. and protesters. donald trump the businessmen owns two golf courses in scotland. donald trump the president calls his ayrshire resort magical. president trump has described his trip to turnberry as two days of meetings, calls and hopefully some golf. he has managed to play a round but it has not been entirely relaxing. protesters getting close to the course. demonstrations too in scotland‘s
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capital where many thousands took to the streets of edinburgh. we don‘t agree, he doesn‘t have a special relationship with the british people. and we just need to exercise a right to protest. it's not just trump, it's the billionaire class that is dominating our world and we've got to get rid of them. this is now the third day of protests, not impressed, says the minister, hoping to cut a deal with the us after brexit. i don‘t think that the protesters were an embarrassment to the government, i think they were an embarrassment to themselves. and i think when we have the president of united states, the leader of the free world, greeted with signs that say go home, we hate you, i don‘t think that reflects the genuine good manners and hospitality of the british people. hello, glasgow! the diplomacy seemingly strained at other points, too. it has been reported that donald trump has said he hates scotland‘s first minister nicola
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sturgeon. addressing a pride march in glasgow, she said it is the policies, not personality, that matter. many people take exception to the policies of the trump administration, the treatment of minorities and women and the separation of migrant children from their parents. i think it is important we all have the ability to speak out. last night‘s security breach by greenpeace campaigner who got close to donald trump is being investigated. security here is very visible and tight. until the president leaves for helsinki tomorrow. lorna gordon, bbc news at turnberry in ayrshire. the twelve boys and their football coach who were rescued from a cave complex in thailand are to leave hospital on thursday, when they‘ll be reunited with theirfamilies.
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the father of one of the boys, who‘s the team captain, has told the bbc the team had feared for their lives — and he is looking forward to hugging his son. martin patience reports. they are arguably the world‘s most famous football team. the latest pictures from hospital with the boys building up their strength. this player wants to eat crispy pork and fried rice. another boy is after some sushi. and a third wants a kfc. thank you so much. after the darkness of the cave, they now have the light to draw. one of those recovering is this 13—year—old. his father has spoken exclusively to the bbc. translation: he said it was an enormous struggle inside the cave. it was of course dark and there was no food. they drank the water dripping from the roof of the cave. the coach got them to meditate every day. it created a tight group. they all stayed together. they must
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have feared they were going to die? yes, because children are not like adults and cannot control their emotions in the same way. in the darkness some of them must have been crying. i think many were afraid of the dark. what is the first thing he wa nts to the dark. what is the first thing he wants to do when he gets out of hospital? when he gets out i want to hug him and tell him i love him very much, and we need to celebrate his birthday and have hot pork for him because that is what he will want to eat and a big birthday cake so he‘s happy. he will not have to wait long for that elated birthday, officials say that elated birthday, officials say that the boys will be out of hospital in a few days. the former sinn fein president gerry adams has appealed for people who carried out an attack on his home in west belfast to meet him.
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an explosive device was thrown at his house last night, damaging a car. no—one was hurt in the incident. it followed several nights of rioting in londonderry. police have blamed the unrest on dissident republicans. the uk‘s newest polar research ship, the "sir david attenborough" has been launched on merseyside. two, one launch! the largest commercial ship built in britain in three decades will eventually take scientists to the arctic and antarctic. sir david‘s name was given to the vessel despite a public vote to call it "boaty mcboatface." he said the scientists‘ work would be vital to helping preserve the planet. angelique kerber has beaten seven—time champion serena williams to win her first wimbledon title. the german 11th seed beat williams 6—3 6—3 in under 90 minutes. williams had been the favourite despite it being only herfourth tournament since giving birth in september. meanwhile novak djokovic is through to his first wimbledon final in three years after a thrilling win over raphael nadal. joe wilson has more.
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in tennis serena williams is the star who draws in the stars. the purchase of sussex was here to support both finalists. none of that robert angelique kerber food support both finalists. none of that robert angelique kerberfood did not just match serena in the final but went past her. first set 6—3 foot serena was strangely tentative way kerber was definite. maybe this big occasion came too early in her comeback but credit to kerber who maintained her poise and profited from errors. in 2016 william said aidan kerber in the final here but today no one really expected kerber
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today no one really expected kerber to win injust 65 minutes, not today no one really expected kerber to win in just 65 minutes, not even her. i knew i had to win in just 65 minutes, not even her. i knewl had to play to win in just 65 minutes, not even her. i knew i had to play my best tennis against a champion mike serena and it is always an honour for me to share a court with her. to all the mothers out there, i tried but you know, angelique kerber played really well. two sets, to purchasers and then out to meet a hundred cameras. well it was kerber‘s moment and kerber‘s day. but plenty of entertainment. novak djokovic and rafi ahmed al resuming for tennis on the edge. in the final set novak djokovic eventually triumphs 10—8. he will be back for more tomorrow. also gordon reid and alfie hewett with the winners of the wheelchair doubles for the third
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yearin wheelchair doubles for the third year ina wheelchair doubles for the third year in a row. age 30 angelique kerber has plenty of time for more of this. england‘s world cup has come to an end, with more disappointment. they suffered a second defeat to belgium, losing by two goals to nil, in the playoff to decide third and fourth place in the competition. from st petersburg our sports editor dan roan reports. it‘s the match no team really wants to play in, a reminder ofjust how close you came to the main event. but for england this was at least a chance to end a stiring campaign on a high. they say no one remembers who finishes third at the world cup. but belgian‘s hunger was immediately apparent. less than four minutes gone when thomas meunier stole in. despite still being the tournament‘s top scorer, harry kane had failed to find the net in his last two matches and here again it was not quite happening.
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